Plug And Play Offices – Here’s All You Need To Know About Them!

Plug And Play Offices – Here’s All You Need To Know About Them!

Let us begin with an analogy. At one point in India, not so very long ago, the metropolitan crowd was brought face-to-face with a new concept – shared cabs. This initially faced a lot of resistance because travelling with strangers was, of course, not a very welcome experience in India.

This meant stepping out of one’s comfort zone! Soon some early adopters or people who were tired of their daily hassle to commute took the feared leap outside of their comfort zone.

They were first to catch a glimpse of life in shared cabs, and through word of mouth, this concept started selling like crazy. And where we stand today, hiring individual cabs is often seen as a luxury most people are willing to forego.

Similarly, coming back to the concept of plug and play offices. Why would it make sense to rent a complete office if you have a team of only five or smaller and just starting up? Moreover, what if you are a freelancer? Why think of renting an office or work at home when you can share an incredible office space while only paying for your workstation? Makes sense, right?

Coworking. Shared Office Space. Plug-and-play offices. This is what you’re looking for. This relatively new but growing concept of dynamic shared office spaces, similar to shared cabs, lets you come into work without worrying about any other infrastructural requirements.

All these offices are fully furnished and full of amenities that you may require across your business day. This includes well-furnished cabinets with executive cabins, receptions, workstations, spacious lobby, 24/7 electricity and generator backup, high-speed internet, fully air-conditioned office, and so much more!

Who Would need a Plug & Play Office?

Almost every brand looks out for office space at some point in time. Consider if your company is going through a growth period or downsizing, or you’re just beginning and aspire to establish your credibility with clients, a plug and play office is an excellent place to start. Entrepreneurs and small business owners generally use these ready-to-go office spaces because of the affordability and flexible lease options that come along.

Whether it’s making the shift from working out of your home to an upscale furnished office space, it’s essential to find the right one that suits your style. Let’s look at some benefits that you would get opting for a plug and play office:


With Plug and Play offices, you can begin working the moment you find a space that appeals to you. Unlike regular offices, you don’t need to worry about furnishing the space, getting it painted, setting up infrastructure, etc. All you need to do is give your team the new address and plug your systems in.


Unlike other rent offices that demand many months’ rent in advance and other restrictive terms and conditions, you only pay for the cabins and workspaces you require based on how long you need them, i.e., flexible terms.

There are no additional brokerage fee either. The absence of long-winded contracts means that you can even flexibly upgrade or change your package whenever unexpected business situations crop up like hiring new team members.


With a Plug and Play office, infrastructural support like electricity, high-speed internet, office maintenance, etc. is not something you need to think about. You also don’t need to worry about paying for coffee machines, printers, telephones, air conditioners etc. These are benefits that come inclusive of such coworking spaces and are free to use whenever you need.


In a traditional office set up, while many companies share spaces in the same building, you might hardly get the chance to interact with others. Plug and Play offices help break down these barriers. Since multiple brands and companies share the same office space and facilities, there’s a higher probability of meeting new people outside your company over a coffee machine. Who knew that getting new prospects could be this simple!


Frequent power cuts and slow internet are amongst the usual administrative issues an office dreads. With Plug and Play spaces, support comes hassle-free!  Reputed Plug and Play offices also offer state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to support all brands sharing the space. That’s not all. Need certain odd jobs to be done? That can also be arranged through our runner boys. It can’t get better than this!

Does hearing about all the benefits a shared working space can provide, make you want to switch to one right away? We’ve got you covered!

Feel inspired by our beautiful range of office spaces for rent in Hyderabad! Book a tour today!

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