How organizations are making their Workplace fun and productive

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You enter the gates of your office, you are all energised to take on the day, you forget Monday morning blues, and you then get a little rush of happiness at the thought of fun you are going to have at work! If the last line sounds convincing than the rest, then congrats!  You are part of an organization that values fun at work. Employees who are engaged in fun activities at work are creative and more productive. Studies conducted by BrightHR and University of Warwick have found that there has been 12% spike in productivity among employees who took part in fun activities at work. Investing time in making the Coworking space chennai engaging and fun can make the office a more enjoyable place to work in. Apart from providing benefits for employees, it also adds brand value to an organization and helps build company culture. Here are some ways fun, adds to better productivity in an office.

Fun results in Creativity

Ever played with Legos? We know you gave a nod, and we also know that there is nothing to be shy about it. Lego, the company that makes interlocking mini plastic bricks, inculcates creativity. The Danish toy company has included a play room where sales executives, marketing executives and engineers, can spend their workings hours in. The key to motivation is having an opportunity to explore a task in an enjoyable way, in a relaxed mood and atmosphere. This will not only help improve problem-solving abilities but also stimulate imagination. This idea of a playroom, need not be restricted to toy companies alone. Today, companies can dedicate playroom where employees can relax, find space, innovate and create.

Creative environments have a good-vibe and a cool setting that easily stands apart from the rest. You can see an enthusiastic workforce, chirpy colleagues and energy where the conversation is happening.

Fun atmosphere means better branding

Did you know that the world’s most used search engine also has fun and cool ways to keep employees engaged at work? Google, a tech-giant uses its website as platform to share positive work, activities and experiences by the employees. Fun atmosphere at a workplace means anything from a birthday celebration to annual women-only events and more! Fun in Google also means, employees can even take a break from work, and play a video game in the break rooms.

When you are running a business, it’s true that the focus should be on work. However, it is also important to note that employees should have fun while working. This is a substantial factor to increase brand identity for the company.

Chill-out for Collaboration

What does a brand like Red Bull stand for? Well, it’s an easy guess! The brand spells energy and high-energy! When it comes to design, the company doesn’t exactly believe in the corporate rule book as well. The office has a lounge like feel and the reception turns into a bar at night. Here employees can collaborate, unwind without even feeling that it’s an office space in chennai. This is one thing a young employee would love!

The most effortless way to increase productivity at work is to develop an encouraging way to improve collaboration  among employees. Quite a number of people talk, sit at meetings and collaborate with their colleagues, several times a day. This could be achieved when coworking space chennai adopt the unconventional design in the office. And when this happens, colleagues turn friends and communicate more effectively when it comes to work.

Office in the Outdoors

How do you like the idea of leaning on a tree, in a lush green environment while working on your tasks? Sounds calming, isn’t? Selgas Cano, an architecture firm in Spain, did something close! By building a bunker for their central workspace. Their architects have a chance to move out from working on laptops and board room meetings in this relaxed space.

If you can’t bring nature to the Coworking space Chennai, then ask your employees to work anywhere within the office property, and see a spike in their productivity.

Fun workplace leads to better productivity

What’s common between Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Up? They are all from Pixar. The film studio believes that if your team is having fun while working, they will get a lot more done. That’s what Pixar does! A popular animation film studio, where certain sections of the office incorporate a theme which is based on a film. It also has lounge lighting and cosy interiors which creates a great vibe in office. Employees of the company call it an ideal place, a creative cocoon which helps in creative thinking and freedom of expression.

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