Open-plan coworking spaces are the best bet for your business and here’s why!

Coworking spaces

With a steady increase in the total estimated number of flexible office spaces worldwide, the coworking segment as a movement has flourished in popularity since its inception in the early 2000s.

Today we notice that open office space arrangements have become increasingly common as both a design inclination and a cost-efficient measure for businesses. The concept was initially popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright, an early 20th-century architect. He firmly held that design would help democratize the conventional workspace by tearing down its walls, literally and socially. Decades later, the open workspace environments in coworking spaces are a testament to that.

For a business owner, spacious open-planned offices in coworking spaces are the perfect balance to cut down overhead expenses, not to mention equipment, keeping everything from kitchen space and meeting rooms to stationery shared.

Open-plan offices are all the rage globally, being embodied in today’s coworking spaces. Aesthetically fetching spaces with desks stretching as far as the eye can see, coworkers brainstorming over foosball, and small cohorts solving problems over coffee in beautifully decorated meeting rooms- this is what composes the new-gen workspace expectations. Their elements promise collaboration and curating cohorts of close-knit teams who solve complex problems together.

Open-planned furnished offices in coworking spaces take advantage of the openness rather than restricting employees to conventional cubicles. There are also plenty of spaces where employees can collaborate, such as lounges with couches or open kitchen areas with loads of seating. Furnished offices in coworking spaces also have access to recreation and entertainment areas. These spaces are constructed to encourage employees to connect and get creative.

So, you’re considering giving open-planned coworking spaces a try, many advantages are going forward. Some of which are:

A Transparent And Open Office Culture

Employee interactions are undeniably increasingly transparent when you opt for an open-concept furnished office space. Everyone can contribute to everything, and there’s so much more space for productive discussions. It also creates a sense of unity when employees are situated freely next to managers. This signifies increased comfort and trust as everyone is seemingly on the same level in an open office.

Open Spaces Come With Flexibility.

A significant advantage of open-plan offices is that you get plenty of flexibility within your space. Suppose you want to change things up or productivity is taking a hit. In that case, you can flexibly change the layout or have the team move internally to a different area to inspire cross-collaboration with other groups they rarely interact with. Bottom line? There’s unbridled freedom in an open office layout – a blank slate left to your imagination and brand culture.

Teamwork Versus Competition

Many employers believe in a level of healthy competition in their business. However, direct coworker competition can result in employees distrusting their coworkers, which leads to poor morale overall. When employees work unitedly as a team, more is accomplished, camaraderie develops, and positive results. Less competition implies further collaboration, which can directly impact the employee and the organization’s success.

Innovation And Idea Sharing

Employees who leverage the concept of coworking spaces trade ideas with their coworkers throughout the day. When they need support, it’s easier to work collaboratively with coworkers as they might just sit across the desk or next to them. Groups will develop organically to explore solutions to obstacles. Innovative solutions and sharing of ideas should perpetually be the goal of any company wanting to scale.

Improvement In Communication

When employees walk around a maze of cubicles to ask a coworker a question, it creates communication challenges in an organization. The employees are unmotivated and less likely to work collaboratively to foster good communication. In these cases, face-to-face communication works best and helps keep a healthy communication flow going at all times!


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