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The concept of evolution is almost always favourable to mankind. From desktops to laptops, cell phones to smartphones and one-storey buildings to skyscrapers – things seemed to have evolved to support and welcome the future. And more precisely to cater to the demanding needs of the people. Just like most things, the concept of working has evolved.

Before you move into a coworking space, it is necessary to understand what it can do to benefit your business. For starters, let’s just say that these spaces offer much more than internet access and hot beverages. They let you create, collaborate, maintain a work-life balance and increase productivity.

Who am I to acknowledge this fact? Well, I am Workafella coworking space chennai . A high-energy coworking office which is the hub of smart minds. Here’s how my identity will matter to your business.

Why Choose me?

According to Deloitte Millennial Survey (2019), Indian millennials and Gen Z are the brightest among their global peer.  This means that the majority of the workforce are carving a niche for themselves in the competitive global market. These hardworking people compromise of innovators and positive enablers. With great ideas and good talent, workforce of this category look for setting up their business or work in an inspiring office. However, renting a private office space isn’t exactly easy. Given the ever-increasing rental costs, rental deposits, irregular services – finding a good coworking space chennai can be a nightmare.

That’s where I, Workafella stands distinctively. Workafella can eliminate such problems. I am an award-winning coworking brand which is designed to suit the needs of freelancers, small businesses, start-ups and MNCs. Our coworking space in India help save cost on leasing out office spaces and investing time-and-again on existing or additional amenities. Here’s what I offer:

I offer freedom to be flexible

Does your current business have your team sit in closed, cluttered spaces that seem like a cramped office space? I have a solution to your problem.

Work efficiently in spacious offices that suits the need of your growing team.  Workafella offers custom-built office spaces that accommodates a team of any size.  Workafella believes that business owners can focus on growing their business while the coworking company takes care of the rest. Business owners can even make use of a coworking space for their expansion. All you need to do is move Workafella, in your preferred location, focus on your business, while the company takes care of the rest. We are currently located in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

I am transparent in cost

Save big bucks when you are on board with me!

Working in Workafella’s Coworking space chennai is always a cost-effective option. And it is especially an important deciding factor when you are looking for office space in a metropolitan city. For a conventional office set up, a business owner needs to pay for the office furniture, lease amount, office equipment along with other necessary requirements. However, in a co-working space, a business owner doesn’t have to worry about it. From offering affordable office space rents to providing unmatched IT infrastructure – Workafella provides the best.

Unlike offices which offer rental agreements with a *conditions apply sign, the partnership terms for Workafella are quite transparent, with fixed rates. Say goodbye to your worry about overhead costs. I, as a brand, don’t just give you a workstation. I offer a range of amenities too – all-inclusive pricing.

I offer a space for professional growth

With me you can increase productivity!

The presence of meeting rooms, pantry, and other informal spaces, you can choose how you wish to work.  So, if you feel like you want to move away from your workstation for a while, you can choose to work in any space from the office. Have a meeting with your client or your team – book our exclusive meeting room. Want to have a quick discussion and collaborate with like-minded people, sit out at our social hub. This gives the workforce a sense of freedom which inherently aims at better productivity and innovation. I have strong and reliable tie-ups which help facilitate networking and aid in professional growth.

I offer a plethora of choices for your business

I understand and value the growing needs of the business! That’s why I have a plethora of choices to offer.

So, if you are looking for specific workstations for your team, choose from Workafella’s range of office types which include: Private office, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk, Virtual Office and Custom Built spaces. Our ready-to-move-in fully-furnished private office spaces are dedicated to a team of any size. Our office spaces are inclusive of in-house logistics, along with access to Workafella events, lifestyle benefits, meeting rooms and social hub.

If you are looking to have an office that syncs with the personality of your company then you can have custom-built spaces. We offer one-stop-office solutions for your growing business. If you are someone who requires a dedicated desk, then we have the right place for you. Simply bring your laptop, sit at Workafella’s Dedicated Desk and enjoy hassle-free work. You will have access to an exclusive workstation, 24/7 access among other options. Just want to work a few hours in the day? Then pick our Hot Desk which lets you subscribe for hourly or daily time. Use the space when you want.

Another popular office range is the virtual office space. If you work remotely from home and require an office only for official communication – then Workafella is here at your service. You can maintain a prestigious office address, while you work from any location at any time.

I offer a space for holistic development

If you are someone who values personal space as much as professional space, then you and I have something amazing in common. I have exclusive benefits you can’t refuse.

Working in Workafella coworking space in Bangalore  would have you avail the much-needed work-life balance that you strive towards. Workafella’s office has a gym, doctor-on-call facility, interesting workshops including yoga, health awareness talks, invite to a host of events, training sessions among others. That’s not all, you can also make use of amenities such as wellness room, steam iron, and game zone. You will also get access to lifestyle benefits which include discounts from luxury hotels and commute services. One of the key things an employee may look for in their workspace is that the company cares about their well-being. This is why Workafella’s coworking space chennai  offers a host of activities which are held weekly and monthly.

By choosing to work with me you will see me as a centre of action. I am hub who understands your business needs, and a catalyst who aids your growth. I evolve with the changing business needs of enthusiastic and smart minds. If you want to scale up your business, you know where to look! Workafella: move in and move up.

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