Impact of Office space designs on Employees Productivity

According to a popular news portal, it is said that an employee spends an average of 13 years at his office. Given the figure, business owners are spending time and effort into understanding what their employees want from an office. By attempting to improve a workspace, businesses aim to increase productivity, retention, and happiness at their office space.

A well-designed office space in Mumbai would provide a host of benefits for the employees. If you skip out on designing the best spaces, you may miss a chance to retain the best employees. Here are a few pointers on how office space designs impact employee productivity.

  1. Spacious office

Imagine keeping your accounts team seated next to IT professionals, that too in a cramped space! This would sound like a nightmare for office employees. Today’s workforce look forward to sit next to departments where the two teams, are co-dependent on each other.  That doesn’t mean they confine to their seats all the team. Employees need space to think independently. This autonomy can be achieved in spaces such as game rooms, cafeterias and social hubs where they can unwind. The current trend of creating small breakout zones or collaboration spaces between workstations is proving to be beneficial for employees.

2.Light & Ventilation

Working in closed spaces throughout the day doesn’t always yield productive results. Nobody likes to work in spaces which are dark and dull. Which is why it is essential to ensure that office space in Mumbai  is well-light, well-ventilated. By doing so productivity may go up by 16%. This is a reason for business owners to incorporate windows and open areas at their workspaces.


  1. Furniture

Comfort is crucial to an office. A survey by a Hong Kong-based firm revealed that employees developed physical pain by sitting for extended periods. By investing in comfortable chairs or sit-stand furniture, employees can be healthier. By providing ergonomic furniture, a business owner will ensure that the employee is at ease while he works. This results in better efficiency and higher employee satisfaction.


  1. Office Environment

A study by Harvard University has found that the existence of plants improved the ‘indoor environmental quality’. Offices are taking these stats seriously. In fact, the Apple headquarters in USA has planted 10,000 trees across the campus. This is done in order to increase employee productivity and make sure they get to access nature easily.

Designing an office space in Mumbai has much to do with today’s trends and how it includes today’s workforce. Design creates a sense of identity and credibility of the organization.



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