How Coworking Spaces Stand To Benefit Remote Workers

How Coworking Spaces Stand To Benefit Remote Workers

Remote work – the ability to work from anywhere- was recognized as a global work movement even before the pandemic compelled many to work from their homes. But it gained tremendous momentum in 2020 as people were inherently forced to look at alternative workspace options.

How is remote work defined?                           

Remote work is work from an alternative yet efficient workspace- not the traditional office. Remote workers use digital tools to handle tasks, complete projects and communicate internally. Remote work is facilitated by the necessary infrastructure, devices and a steady internet connection.

Contrary to what we perceive, remote work is a broad umbrella term that encompasses more than work from home to present more viable and economical options such as:

  • Working full-time from coworking spaces
  • Working remotely on a flexible/rotational office schedule (available in the office from time to time)

Is work from home and working remotely the same?

The answer is NO because ‘working remotely’ signals that you could be working alternatively from a coworking space.

If you are a company considering adopting a remote workplace style for your employees, here are compelling reasons why you should rent an office in a coworking space:

  1. Meet Inspiring Coworkers

Unlike a standard set of employees working in an office, a coworking space is a professional space for people who come from a diverse range of professionals – think web developers, software salespeople and e-commerce specialists or even graphic artists.

Coworking spaces can introduce you to so many types of professions you may have not even heard of and the diverse people who work in these professions.

These spaces buzz with people coding websites, writing novels or designing startups and is a far cry from the corporate talk and dry meetings most people know as an integral part of ‘professional life.’

  1. More Stimulating Than Traditional Offices

Have you ever worked with your laptop on a gallery seat? On an open deck? or simply de-stressed by resorting to a game of foosball? This is all possible in a day when you rent shared office spaces!

Sometimes a switch in surroundings is the best inspiration of all, which is why the best coworking spaces are designed with meditation rooms, outdoor deck space, social cafeterias, high-top tables, couches- you name it!

Coworking spaces are aesthetically and ergonomically planned, sporting creatively designed spaces to make you think beyond the box.

  1. Coworking Spaces Foster Entrepreneurship

Taking up fully-furnished coworking spaces are for those who work remotely already or any group of employees working for a small or large company that has sought office space at a coworking space.

Coworking spaces, a relatively new phenomenon, are usually future-focused, newly-built and therefore have incorporated creative and modern designs into their builds.

Entrepreneurship, because it can be outside the box, requires a certain level of an inspirational environment. Whether you and your team comprise three people or fifteen, being in a coworking space and using all its dynamic locations and benefits will likely inspire new ideas.

  1. Reduces Anxiety And Loneliness In Remote Workers

A feeling of isolation stems from prolonged periods of working from home or alone without any company making burnout and loneliness real concerns for remote workers or people who’ve started working from home.

Coworking spaces can help resolve these issues by rendering a constant social yet productive atmosphere, where you’ll meet other humans and continue to make meaningful connections.

While coworking spaces may not, in some instances, be the answer for everyone, they solve feeling alone while working remotely.

  1. Coworking Spaces Provide Stability

Being a digital nomad can sometimes be overwhelming – making your work schedule, working in different time zones, and figuring out how to balance productivity and motivation.

A coworking space brings back the stability of a work environment.

Using the same coworking space every day creates a sense of routine and belonging than choosing a cafe that might be closed on certain days or have no available seats when you show up.

It’s also easier to be productive and motivated at a coworking space where you see lots of people working, compared to a cafe or home, where there may be kids running around distracting you or the rattling sound of an espresso machine interrupting a critical call.

So anytime work from home got you feeling in a rut? Switch to our beautiful range of office spaces for rent that will leave you feeling inspired and driven. Book a tour today and check out our coworking space for rent in Alwarpet!

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