How Coworking Spaces Are Redefining Flexibility In The Workspace

Flexibility In The Workspace

As a modern generation of employees, we have found ourselves at the brink of a new workforce evolution, especially with the global pandemic transforming the way of work. Earlier the entire concept of office culture was dependant on the foundational blocks of the physical team meets and a host of team-bonding activities – this would equate to higher productivity levels in employees.

However, with the new world order, these expectations are losing their relevancy. Today, workplace “flexibility” is the torch-bearer of adaptability and change, addressing “how” and “when” work gets done.

Why Does Flexibility Hold Increased Importance?

Workplace flexibility encompasses much more than remote work. It refers to the overall restructuring of work in a way that alleviates stress, improves outcomes, and signals greater happiness levels. If done correctly, it is even highly beneficial in retaining talented employees!

And what better way to integrate this strategy than a furnished coworking space? At the core of a coworking space is the flexibility to use a variety of different places and ways to work. Unlike conventional spaces, shared office spaces come with a range of flexible workspace arrangements that best suit the required nature of work.

Coworking spaces are easily accommodating of evolving business goals and provide opportunities to quickly scale up and down for teams of different sizes. This sort of dynamism in the physical workspaces is essential to evoke a feeling of freedom and flexibility.

How Do Shared Office Spaces For Rent Make For An Important Fit For “Flex Working”?

Flexible working describes any patterns or policies of work that are beyond the conventional. This could mean working in diverse places within the same office or working flexible staggered hours.

Research says that coworking spaces are a hub of generally happier and even more productive employees than their conventional colleagues. No untimely working hours or needlessly lengthy commutes, instead their entire energy is spent only doing exceptional work!

Coworking spaces provide individuals with the opportunity to foster a wholesome work-life balance by virtue of this flexibility. Imagine being able to work smoothly around your schedule while still ensuring the workflow occurs seamlessly.

This type of environment not only equips individual workers with an alternative to working in a flexible way that gratifies their distinct needs but also works in favour of companies by reducing their costs and enabling maximum space optimization. With fewer employees present at the workplace, it is significantly easier to curate common social and collaborative areas.

A Win-Win Situation For Both Employers And Employees!

With furnished coworking spaces, employees are free to choose their personal workstations in a way that completely aligns with the nature of the work they’re carrying out at the moment. That can cover the wide span of diverse spaces within the center such as working with your laptop in a peaceful area for enhanced concentration, a casual shared social hub space to interact and socialize with other community members over coffee, or even working flexibly from your coworking space 1-2 days a week.

The ultimate mark of an exceptionally designed flexible workspace is how employees are proffered adequate space to perform their best work on their terms. For entrepreneurs and business owners, flexible shared office spaces offer benefits beyond the usual outcome of productivity. When employees inherently feel an increased sense of personal control over their work environment, feelings of loyalty and gratitude are reinforced which have major implications on an enterprise’s overall productivity and profitability.

As employees experience greater job contentment as a result of more elevated workplace flexibility, your employee retention rates begin to positively incline. Another benefit to using these dynamic coworking spaces is that the readily reconfigurable socially distanced office layouts help overcome a fundamental hurdle in assuring an employee’s safe office return.

As humans, we are bound to fall into habits. So even though it may be challenging to conform to a different style of work, versatile spaces like coworking spaces help you be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of your team members.

Workafella’s range of furnished office spaces for rent are dynamically designed, flexible, and reflect the needs of the ever-evolving workforce. Our workspaces have reimagined functionality supported by superior customer service across convenient business locations. Book a tour with us today!

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