Here’s Why More Women Should Join Coworking Spaces!

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For a notable percentage of women in business, the how and where of doing business and work has modified itself significantly across the years. With work from home, especially for women becoming a very difficult prospect, alternatives are becoming most welcome.

Women today are seeing the numerous advantages of becoming part of an inspiring, dynamic coworking community because of its flexibility & freedom, in terms of location, timing, commute, and facilities – many especially conducive to women.

Additionally, along with the flexibility that a coworking space renders, seeking membership in a coworking space brings along influential perks for professionally working women that are often not in the spotlight.

The emergence of all-women coworking spaces is also an interesting take at how this change is expanding to create a niche within the shared space industry. Regardless of where you should choose to set up an office – whether a traditional Coworking space or an all-female space – here are few reasons why more women should consider joining a coworking space!

Escaping Solitude

Loneliness may itself be one of the single most critical reasons given by both gendered professionals when they turn to coworking for their daily operations. Furnished private offices are perceived by women professionals as an opportunity to get out of daily household activities that get in the way.

On a positive note, it is also observed that women are generally more inclined to cherish creativity, visualization, and aesthetics than most males and will be drawn to visually stimulating coworking spaces. It is an engaging experience, interactive, creative, community-led, most importantly, it’s definitely unlike working from home.

Workplace Equality Through Coworking Spaces

Women have recorded tremendous advancement in the workforce over the last few decades– climbing up the career ladder to secure positions of significant influence and decision-making globally. Regardless of these achievements, the disparity inequality continues making its solution a buzzing issue.

Thankfully, in these shared spaces for rent, equality is never an issue. All members of the coworking community are treated fairly, including women. In fact, the diversity at these spaces is what guarantees that in-house collaborations represent the multiple POVs of its coworking professionals, giving women their voice to be heard.

Find A Mentor Easily At A Coworking Space

A coworking space provides the playing ground for women to seek and willingly learn from other individual’s expertise or discover a mentor who inspires them to explore their ultimate professional potential.

Entrepreneurs know that mentoring is very essential, regardless of their current level of knowledge or the field in which they desire to grow. Studies even say that smaller businesses that have authenticated mentors onboard their management regime are twice as likely to survive and grow. Researchers even cite that almost half of women entrepreneurs believe lack of mentorship holds them back. A coworking space extends plenty of opportunities to seek connections and mentorship.

New Business Opportunities

Shared offices are known for business potentialities. Coworking spaces are conducive to meeting many new coworkers who can introduce you to connections or referrals that you may likely not have when working from home. In such spaces, the sense of belonging to a community prevails. While everyone is ambitious, working towards their own aspirations, competition is put aside and collaboration steps in.  In traditional offices, this discernment of competition is much more aggressive, having solidarity difficult to find.

Secure And Safe Environment In Coworking Spaces

Often women who work with larger enterprises face many difficulties in terms of their physical, mental, and intangible safety such as – unsafe working hours, gender biases, a wide salary gap, and unpaid maternity leave – among many, but continue to work as their livelihood depends on it. Women entrepreneurs, however, who have stepped out of that traditional fold are leaders and risk-takers who decide their working environment.

Coworking spaces thrive on values and creating a positive working ambiance. This increase in coworking spaces gives an excellent reason for more women professionals to choose private offices for rent in these spaces!


At Workafella, our coworking space embodies the spirit of freedom and flexibility that women professionals are increasingly looking to take up. With a range of office spaces for rent onsite, we ensure an excellent holistic work experience. Book a tour with us today!

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