Here’s Why Coworking Spaces Are Important Post The Pandemic!

Coworking Spaces

The pandemic has not only adversely influenced almost all sectors and industries but has seemed to hit the active workforce the strongest. This has left everyone from larger corporates to start-ups, and SMEs to aspiring entrepreneurs facing the heat and looking to alternatives. With many businesses turning to shed their costs wherever possible, workspace rental often seems to top the list.

While this has shifted the norms of how workspaces and workforce will forever be transformed as a result of the pandemic, the resulting economic fallout has enabled coworking spaces to alternatively come into the limelight, perhaps more than ever before. These furnished spaces are set to emerge from the pandemic as the preferred, more sustainable, and by far the most competent option to choose. Here’s looking at some of the reasons why:

Remote Workers

To guard themselves against such future disruptions, larger enterprises are looking to “de-densify” their workspaces—ideally to support their employees in managing the crisis and bring about a smooth transition in the recovery back to the office. Coworking spaces are today housing larger companies with teams of all sizes and with big businesses showing resiliency in the post-crisis battle this trend is likely to continue.

Employees are slowly becoming complacent with remote work for the first time and adapting to different ways to make the transition smoother. That is likely to snowball into more employees and employers choosing remote work through coworking spaces with an added level of flexibility. After several months of work from home, it’s no surprise that people are eager to socialize, be a part of a community and still work safely.

Cost-Effective And Flexi Options

Capital expenditure and long-term leases have become severe liabilities for businesses. In comparison, coworking spaces offer workspaces that are both cost-efficient and completely value-laden. These furnished offices for rent are also adapting themselves to a hybrid concept of offices so that corporates would need only a restricted percentage of their workforce to be in the office physically while the rest can work remotely. This helps reduce much of the infrastructure and administration costs.

Also, multiple flexible propositions by the coworking and shared office spaces such as accommodating maximum space management through 24×7 access workstations and more enable further cost reduction.

The Rise Of More Start-Ups And Local Businesses

The ecosystem system of coworking spaces doesn’t just accommodate various groups of remote workers but is an important structured environment for small businesses, solopreneurs, self-employed freelancers, and consultants.

Vocal for local has been a recent rising phenomenon throughout India that has been trending all over social media. With the support provided by the Government many novel enterprises, small businesses, and startups are emerging post lockdown. The best option for these small and mediums businesses to call their dedicated workspace partner is non-other than coworking spaces – an obvious option because of its cost, amenities, and value add-ons!

Community strength which stands out in coworking spaces is of the essence as it helps entrepreneurs re-connect, develop strong skilled networks, and strengthen each other. This element of connectedness is a key component to revival from the crisis.

Restored Focus On Health

A universally observed effect of the pandemic was the resultant shift towards the safety and wellbeing of individuals. Employers were coerced into providing a work from home option for employees. which while safe, took a dig on the consistent levels of prior productivity

As the restrictions slowly subside, traditional offices no longer hold the appeal in place of guaranteeing wellness for their staff. These furnished offices for rent are instead preferred because of their wide-spaced designs that enable easy social distancing and de-densification.  Couple that with novel touch-free technology and the latest in communication technology and it’s a recipe for success!

This also rounds off to an important question: What is the likelihood of ever going back to static offices?

Research says – now is the time of the agile workplace and notions of all work will be rooted in flex work principles. If this is anything to go by, coworking spaces are set on a successful incline.


We at Workafella embody the spirit of agility by ensuring our furnished office spaces are in unison with the workspaces of the future! Book a tour today!

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