The Future of Office Spaces

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” the words by the former statesman Winston Churchill stands true even today.

Offices have moved from a cubicle zone of the ’80s to a traditional office space to coworking zones. These changes are a result of ongoing developments in technology, environment and culture which is more people-centric. We spend a majority of our time at offices. We are a part of the evolving changes in workspaces. We are constantly adapting the changes created by today’s digital economy.

Experts predict that the offices will see the workforce adapting to technology! And that it will be nothing like today’s phones and tablets. A focus on people’s well-being will drive this change. According to AECOM Hackathon team, the future will be driven by the vision of the virtual world; this will create a virtual environment and help connect with employees across the world. Another positive change is that the system of hierarchy may also take a backseat, and employees would be valued as per the work they do.

The office space in Mumbai  of the future is more than just a physical space. It’s a whole workplace transformation. Here’s how offices of the future will function.

Going Green for Productivity

Apart from keeping succulents at desk, and plants by the window sill, offices will introduce bamboo walls. There will be a focus on renewable energy sources and greywater recycling.

What’s a simple yet effective way to reduce stress at offices? Placing plants and incorporating the concept of a green office. Research suggests that adding plants to a workspace helps decreases stress and increases productivity. A study also found that this ‘plant atmosphere’ gave a 15% boost in productivity and well-being by 13%. Although several offices have already introduced this. Offices of the future will go full-fledged!

Choosing Workspaces that Heal

Biophilic design in architecture is developed to connect occupants of a building more close to nature. Natural lighting over artificial lighting, a more environment-friendly interior will dominate. This can help reduce stress, improve our quality of thought and well-being. An office space in Mumbai  that will suit the physical and psychological comfort of the employee will also matter in the future.

Research says that office spaces that have shown to implement the outdoors in a workspace have a positive impact on the workforce. It means that more natural elements will be used in office designs. The use of wood, stones, and textiles will be visible in the interiors. To break away from the monotonous use of colours, offices will use warm colour made of natural fibre as well.

Outdoors to fuel senses

Speaking of all things close to nature, the workspace of the future will have outdoor work areas too. It is believed that walking outdoors to take a short break from work can keep you refreshed which further helps in productivity. If getting some fresh air can do this, then why not develop an idea to keep your Monday morning meetings at the office space garden? Sounds like a plan that will stimulate your senses, isn’t it?

Customizing for Comfort

Imagine working in an office space where walls move with you! Yes, you read that right. The future of the office will see the workforce enjoying customisable and interactive features. Apart from choosing between built-to-suit spaces, hot desks and private offices – the office spaces of the future will leave you asking for more. Take for instance the idea of using a smartphone – not only do you use it for making calls, but you constantly add apps which suit you. The future will operate on the same concept. The customer can customise his workspace.

Flexibility for a betterment

Today, flexibility is considered as one of the key factors that create a better workspace. This factor will hold importance in the future as well. The aim in the future will be how we get work done, and not where we get work done. This means there is no rule to work six days a week. Including an option to have flexible working hours and job contracts will help organizations to meet the demands of the ever-evolving workforce. In the future, organizations will introduce this policy and recruit the best talent.

Technology for a competitive edge

Is speaking to clients over the phone part of your daily task? Can you take a training session without the use of ‘live streaming’ on your video phone? If your answer is no, get ready for an interactive environment. Experts suggest that the future of the workforce should make way for VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). It is said that it will be the next big thing in office culture. The duo will make the world a smaller and much more accessible place. The technology will revolutionize work and put the future in futuristic.

While the points mentioned above will form the vision of future office space in Mumbai, one needs understand, that in the end, it’s all about going people-centric. In a highly competitive environment, a workspace should help you solve new business challenges, innovate and execute.

At Workafella, we are revolutionising coworking today and we plan to fuel the growth of the future as well. We understand the needs of our clients, and we strive to evolve with the changing needs of smart minds. We foresee a rise in innovation and technology which will not just help the coworking industry, but also compete with the global standards. Look for a workspace, Workafella it!

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