The Future of Coworking: Trends in 2020

Coworking spaces

When Coworking spaces first began, it gave people an opportunity to move out from traditional office spaces and coffee shops to a much better working environment. This environment brought people from different industries under one roof in a dedicated space. In today’s times, Coworking spaces are much more than just office spaces. They provide an ever-evolving working environment. Coworking provides opportunities for interaction, collaboration and a host of benefits.  By 2020, over 6 million users will be from enterprises and would likely acquire 10.3 million seats. The same year, freelancers and SMEs would have large demand, while start-ups would have a demand of 100,000 seats. Before we know it, the expected users would reach 5.1 million members by 2022. As we continue to embrace the new world of working, we will also see evolution in the way technology works and the nature of work. In the future, the trends will be more people-centric, and their needs would be priority. Here are some trends which will shape the future of 2020 and beyond.

The Positivity of Employee Wellbeing

According to a study, companies with the most effective workplace health promotion programs with focus on employee wellbeing will reap better rewards. 89% of workers at companies are in favour of well-being initiatives and are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work.

Now, as more studies carry out and highlight the importance of employee wellbeing, companies are diverting their attention to value it. It has to be noted that having a happy and healthy workforce yields in productivity. From incorporating yoga rooms to gym to sleep pods – companies are going a step further to ensure employees are content. This is one reason why companies today are moving into offices which have specific relaxation and breakout zones.

Human Experience as a Focal point

In a bid to source and retain the best talent, companies will focus more on human experience over anything else. In a recent survey (Global Human Capital) 84% rated human experience as an important factor at work. Human experience at workplace is evaluated based on how engaged, empowered and fulfilled employees feel at their workspace. Focusing on human experience at work doesn’t mean spending a load of money on new devices or fit-outs. By being able to provide small but efficient things would help. Small details such as providing options to control the temperature of AC to having microwave in kitchens and even employee recognition programs will be beneficial to ensure employees are content and happy at work. Remember: a good workplace experience leads to happier and more productive employees.

The Ambit of Going Green with Sustainability

In 2019, Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg made headlines when she spoke about climate change and the impact for the generation of the future. Employees exposed to greenery in their daily work lives report a 15% higher level of well-being, and are 6% more productive.

Companies should take a cue from this alarming statement and make changes. Going green is more than just incorporating plants at your desk, it’s about sustainability. One of the trends which will take shape in 2020 is how offices change the way they use things on an everyday basis. This involves what’s best for the office and environment. Offices would begin reducing the use of gadgets which consume non-renewable energy. This includes a decision to not print unnecessary documents, keeping the lights off in unused rooms and switching off the A/C in unoccupied rooms. If the Coworking spaces is located in a tropical country, then they key to sustainability is installing solar panels on the roofs of the buildings. Solar-powered electricity allow significant cost savings.

Swapping paper towels with hand dryers, using nozzle mist taps instead of regular taps will be small yet effective changes.

IoT for the Evolving Workspace

Using IoT and integrating it with other technologies, can help offices transform into much more interactive and dynamic spaces. Inclusion of this would help the workforce enjoy flexible working time and the technology would help them work more efficiently. In 2020, IoT-connected appliances energy conservation and optimal utilisation of resources will be in focus. For example, the LED lights in a meeting room turning off as soon as it’s unoccupied. By 2020, Cisco, an American multinational company, has said that, the global use of IoT devices will reach 50 billion.  And by 2030, the IoT is likely to create a whopping $15 trillion in worldwide GDP growth!

Investing in Skilled Talent

As companies continue to expand, there will also be an increase in investment in employee skills. Companies will give professional training to employees to give their best. It is expected that a new line of young workers will make the workforce of 2020. Nearly 63% of Generation Z feel it is most important to work with people with diverse education and skill levels. This means that they will want more than just a good salary. They will want a good work-life balance, collaboration with new people, growth in their jobs and a fun environment which fosters growth.

At Workafella, our mission to give the consumer a complete business ecosystem. We believe in digitization, but we also believe in retaining the human element at work. Workafella evolves with the changing needs of the clients and having better understanding of what the current generation of Indian workers expect from the work environment. Workafella is the society of the do!

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What do you think are the other top trends to take over 2020? Let us know!

Source for data:

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