Ergonomically Designed Serviced Office Spaces Help Employees Thrive – Here’s Why!

Ergonomics implies: “designed for humans”. Well, in design terms, its “the study of people’s performance efficiency in their working environment”, but let’s not make it all complicated. It’s all about making working environments becoming for human occupancy.

While this all might seem like common sense, it’s surprising how often ‘people’ aren’t considered in the workplace design and construction.

The truth is that many businesses don’t think about it when they’re considering a workspace: A few workstations, some appliances, amenities– that’ll probably do. But just like a good laptop that helps ease your work you wouldn’t want to put perfectly good employees in a work environment that drains them from the moment they step through the door, would you?

Cluttered workstations are among the chief reason organizations battle with high-absenteeism and low-morale at the workplace. Workplace design should instead design to fit the human need rather than forcing people to fit into the design. Even the arrangement of furniture in an office should create an ambience that is friendly to your workers. This allows them to deliver the best results while at the peak of good health.

This is where workplace ergonomics come to the forefront. When you keep your workers first, you’ll reap the rewards, so a proper ergonomically informed setup is the key to any successful business.

Good office ergonomics necessitates adopting designs that suit your workstation, job requirement and your position. It concentrates on the placement of the chair, desk, keyboard, monitor and any other essential applications you may use. Modern-day customized office space designs consider good ergonomics as critical and are conceptualized with the motto of “for people and around people”.

An ideal example might look like a shared office space that avoids having closed spaces like cubicles, instead, encouraging a more open and dynamic work area.

Our goal is to provide sophisticated, high energy, fully furnished office spaces as a premium workspace provider. Here are just some elements that we at Workafella Western Aqua Hitech City have worked in, specifically tuned to your human’s needs:

  1. Well-designed furniture to reduce fatigue

We choose nothing but the best when it comes to furniture. Be rest assured that our workstations can quickly adapt to any nature of work. Whether you are on a presentation, a team meeting, or even video conferencing, our designs ease into any of your business needs conveniently. Simple is the way forward!

  1. Lux standard LED lighting

Our adherence to quality lighting ensures that your team can perform even tasks that require precision and fine-detail work without the hassles of shadows cast on what they’re doing or excessive eye strain.

You would have well-placed, right amount of lighting where and when you need.

  1. Dust and stain-free carbon-neutral carpets

Worried about that inevitable coffee stain spoiling your entirely ambient floors with a client about to walk in at any moment? Let us say; we have your back. The carpet flooring, we use in all our centres are all carbon-neutral, making it environment-friendly. Not only that, its stain-resistant and dust-free features put all your worries to rest.

  1. Top-quality HVAC systems

To keep your mind at peace regarding our Covid-19 preparedness, we completely assure you that our individual AC units, help circulate adequate fresh and clean airflow in all our spaces. Set temperatures as per your convenience providing you with a damp-free environment, free of allergens and dust.

Making these small tweaks certainly does go a long way in creating a noticeable positive difference in your employees’ attitude while maintaining an atmosphere conducive to achieving organizational goals.

A well-planned workspace can make it inherently more manageable for people to complete tasks swiftly and effectively, work together more collaboratively and creatively while positively affecting their health, well-being, and engagement.

Make sure to check out our options of ergonomically designed plug and play office spaces in Hyderabad if you too believe in the power of high-energy workspaces, like us!

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