Coworking Spaces: The Right Fit For Every Personality Type!

Coworking Spaces: The Right Fit For Every Personality Type!

The fundamental thought that immediately pops into our mind at the mention of working from a coworking space reflects an assortment of professionals working and enjoying their workspace collectively. Often, this stereotype that coworking spaces are only suitable for extroverts stems from this assumption. I mean, for introverts supposed to be shy, why would they willingly surround themselves with strangers?

However, despite popular belief, anyone who’s ever worked at a fully serviced coworking space knows that they are a hub of a wide spectrum of personalities – introverts, ambiverts, and extroverts.

To understand this phenomenon better, let’s look at a Global Coworking Survey, which reviewed the category of personality that a user falls under when choosing coworking spaces – extroverted, introverted, or ambiverts (a mix of both). The results of this survey paint a distinct understanding. Almost 1 in 3 people recognized themselves as “extroverted”, 1 in 5 said they were “introverted”. Almost every other respondent expressed themself as an ambivert.

This goes to show that these shared office spaces for rent support the work experience of many different people working on diverse projects under a single roof. Everyone has distinct personalities, experiences, and backgrounds. Keeping this diversity aside, there would be no new ideas. This diversity fuels the energy of innovation, creativity & action that conclusively brings in success.

Generally, the primary draw in a coworking space is the social ambiance that it extends. The subsequent factors as to why coworking spaces win over community members of all personalities are the unique workspaces and vicinity to their home.

Let’s see what this looks like for each personality type of community member:


Introverted Members

Contrary to widespread belief, introverted members are not fans of completely secluded workspaces and do expect some degree of small talk with other members- just at their own pace.

In the same way, how everyone favours a blend of open spaces with enough retreats for privacy, introverted members simply prefer this more than the average coworker. However, coworking spaces are seen to help increase the creativity and skill-sets of introverted members. This makes them enjoy workdays better and be more productive!


Extroverted Members

Extroverted individuals in a coworking space undoubtedly adore the social implications of connecting with their other coworkers.

They are likely to and enjoy working every day in a coworking space alongside other personality types. These are individuals who feel deeply connected to their coworking community.

For extroverts, coworking spaces prove to be a huge boost to their self-confidence. They prefer engaging in small talk, forming quick connections, seeking help, and participating in knowledge exchange – a positive outlook on the natural socializing that happens in these spaces.

Studies believe that they feel happier and less isolated. They also experience work as more satisfying while simultaneously boosting their productivity since taking up a furnished coworking space.


Ambiverted members

the most leading ratings, as well as the largest percentage of likely long-term members, are surprisingly ambivert personality types, then introverts or extroverts. This is great news because ambiverts are the correct middle fit between both of the extreme poles. In fact. research over the years says that much of our known workforce is dominated by, you guessed it – ambivert people!

When determining a coworking space, social aspects become one of the most significant factors. Another observation is that networking needs are most strongly pronounced among this cohort. Other than socializing opportunities, ambivert members also most often expect plenty of events and community-building initiatives to be taken by their coworking space.


In a nutshell

Despite the personality type of the coworker, every professional expects their coworking provider to provide them the choice of flexible workspaces where they can work as per their unique workspace needs and inclinations.

Great coworking spaces not only fuel your productivity but also help you sustain the ideal work-life balance, amid a state-of-the-art tech-enabled working environment. Their holistic view of work also shows through the various recreational and leisure community events they organize to support their members unwind and feel reinvigorated.


At Workafella, our innovative spaces allow you to work adjacent to an energized cohort of driven & like-minded personalities, that give you the best return on productivity! To make us your preferred workspace partner, be sure to check out our furnished office spaces! Book a tour today!

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