Coworking spaces: How it can get your creativity buzzing!

Coworking spaces

With the pandemic lasting well into 2020, there has been a subsequent need for most of the workforce to look at remote working options. With offices temporarily shut and no in-person collaboration possibilities, many have spent months holed up in uninspiring home offices surrounded by the same four walls. However, 2021 doesn’t have to be the same old boring routine.

A difference in scenery may be just the thing you need to unleash creativity and productivity. It’s a matter of having a workspace that’s not at home. When you pair an inspiring change of scenery with a state-of-the-art, fully furnished office space that has all the amenities of today’s professional needs – you have a launchpad for ideas to develop and take shape!

While design may often be the last factor of consideration concerning how people work, poor design has taken a costly dig in lost productivity each year. Coworking spaces are designed intentionally to offer unique and personalized experiences that professionals can use to their advantage.

You need to look at fully serviced spaces that have put considerable thought into their functionality and design elements to stimulate productivity, creativity and community ties. This is an imperative factor, as studies show that an extraordinary experience is what people want most out of their coworking space. A great workplace focuses on “more engaged employees,” leading to “productivity and profit.”

A creative coworking space is also more than how it appears. It’s fundamentally grounded in space functionality. “Design Thinking” is the philosophy that balances what people want in a workspace with what they need to be productive, innovative and efficient!

Coworking spaces are dynamically designed to encourage networking and collaboration while recognizing the need for privacy. Novel and inspiring spaces with thoughtful touches that elicit a sense of comfort as much as enthusiasm. It draws out the best in employees by conceptualizing an energy-filled space that is aesthetic, functional, private, and collaborative.

This sees coworking spaces with plenty of natural light, open views of the outdoors, high ceilings, and inspiring artwork on the walls. Comfortable office furniture extending from thoughtfully-placed tables and desks to intimate sitting areas with modern sofas and plush chairs.

Breakout spaces should be just as if not more creatively inclined – an open space where employees can unwind and socialize during a caffeine break. These breaks are shown to help people become more productive and creative, renewing energy levels.

How Do Creative Coworking Spaces Tweak Productivity?

Everybody works uniquely and has distinct preferences. Research shows that there are elements in our environment that affect our performance and productivity;

  • Comfort is a significant factor. People are prone to increased productivity with comfort.
  • Colour, for example, can affect employees in many ways. While white makes a room appear more spacious, it is also perceived as bland and cold. Choose coworking spaces that have pops of colour balanced with warm tones to inspire and comfort at the same time. Temperature, too, affects comfort, so does the choice of ergonomics and ability to move seamlessly inside the space.
  • Choice of lighting influences concentration and productivity significantly. Proper lighting in furnished coworking spaces is shown to nurture a positive attitude and productivity. Optimizing the amount of natural light in a commercial office space significantly improves wellness among workers, leading to gains in productivity.
  • Choice also influences productivity. People prefer to choose how they work and how they often want to change it throughout the day. A creative coworking space offers employees many different ways to work. From open area seating to private offices and community areas, you should be able to work freely wherever you feel most inspired. Some coworking spaces also offer various desks, like community tables, height-adjustable desks, or bar tops.
  • Finally, community areas are the crossroads of networking and socializing. People feel more productive when they get to collaborate and share ideas with others. Additionally, working around others who are energized and creative is contagious. It’s certainly a leg up than working alone day after day.

Real productivity is also derived from having a quiet space to retreat to after collaborating – a workspace where you can transfer ideas to paper in a focused way. A creative coworking space offers the best of both worlds – collaborative or private – so you get to choose what space work for you the best without distractions!

Our coworking spaces in Chennai are built on the foundations of innovative and awe-inspiring spaces, where creativity is not just a buzz word but ingrained into our centre’s functionality. Our coworking spaces are also located across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Book a tour with us today!

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