Coworking Spaces Can Help You Land Clients As A Consultant- Here’s The Exact Blueprint!

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With coworking spaces becoming increasingly mainstream in today’s business ecosystem, more people than ever are attempting freelancing or self-employment. This signals that the rise in the popularity of coworking spaces seems set to continue.

Modern Coworking spaces offer sociability, along with an office’s productive work atmosphere. They are quieter and less distracting than cafes, not to mention less-expensive while providing the exact volume of ambient noise that mimics a traditional workplace environment.

Coworking spaces are a great way to escape from the distractions at home (talkative housemates, interruptions from pets, laundry, a sudden urge to clean up, just saying) and maintaining a separation between work and home life.

And finally, they can be a great place to find clients! That’s what we’re going to throw light on today.

Let’s dive into some actionable pointers to get you started:

  1. Become Regular

The simplest way to get people to work with you is through familiarity and trust. Those things take time. You need to show up and consistently interact with people. A single meeting brief meeting with your coworker may not help, but seeing you more frequently will add up.

Instead, be curious, ask genuine questions, and steer focus on building relationships. The conversation around what you both do will naturally come up.

  1. Invest Time into Knowing People

You’re there to work, like everyone else. But keeping yourself buried in your laptop the whole time and not talking to anyone won’t help create the kinds of network essential to land clients.

Take the time to chat with people around you. Greet them when you arrive and cultivate small talk. Something as simple as offering your neighbor a cup of coffee from the pantry when fetching one for yourself will be remembered.

Remember: Getting to know people isn’t about instantly diving into your pitch, this is sure to put them off straight away.

  1. Make the Most of Those Breaks.

One of the delights of working in an office that freelancers often miss out on is “small talk breaks” – those few moments of connection and conversation with your colleagues. Coworking allows you to experience these again. Next time you’re picking up a cup of coffee or warming up your lunch, strike up a conversation with someone.

They might play out as your next client (or refer you to one).

  1. Attend Social and Networking Events

Most contemporary coworking spaces arrange social events, and business networking meets. Any consultant understands how important networking can be when it comes to finding clients. These events allow you to get to know people better when you’re not under time pressure or trying to work simultaneously.

Make the time to go. People will notice.

  1. Stock Up on Business Cards

Nothing is more frustrating than ending a great chat with someone without not having any easy way of giving them your details. Always store a stash of business cards in your wallet or handbag.

That way, when you wrap up the conversation with a new person, you can hand over your business card with your contact info.

  1. Be Helpful

If you’re a copywriter, consider taking ten minutes out of your day to help a coworker with some proof-reading.

Supporting people when you have the opportunity to will pay many times over. Not only will people remember you and be more willing to assist you in return. They will also recommend you if they (or anyone in their network) requires the skills you have. Believe it or not, these are quite common occurrences when you work out of a reputed coworking space.

  1. Pitch Your Services in A Non-Pushy Way

The way to do it? Focus on the other person’s needs. In other words, you’re pitching because you’ve seen a requirement that you can help fulfil. Let’s imagine that you’re a consultant social media marketer. While conversing, you get to know that the person you’re speaking with is finding it challenging to promote their business effectively online.

Try offering a few free tips, and then pitch in something like, “If you’re interested in taking on some external help with your marketing, we should talk. Here’s my card.”

Now you’ve put it in the other person’s court. They may consider following up and hiring you; they might check out your free content and then hire you in a year. At the very least, you’ve increased your network, and now someone is aware of the ways you can benefit them.

Conclusively, the practices of finding clients in a coworking space are the same as in any other situation. That is, to be professional, build relationships, avoid the hard sell, and provide value.

If this managed to convince you, don’t wait any longer to move into a place that can help you unlock all these opportunities for your consulting journey. Our award-winning fully furnished spaces in Hyderabad is designed keeping all this and more in mind. Book a tour today!

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