Why Coworking Space in Mumbai Are Great For Growing Your Business

Coworking space Mumbai

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind at the mention of the word coworking space Mumbai? That it’s exclusively for remote workers and freelancers? You will have to rethink about your statement as these are far from the only ones who opt for a coworking space. MNCs, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, members in IT jobs are among the groups who are jumping into the growing trend of joining a coworking space. Gone are the days when innovators and entrepreneurs would work in isolation. Now with the evolving workspace , it is necessary to share your ideas and execute them with a team. But that doesn’t mean working in a dull office environments that drains you. People are shifting to the idea of working in an environment where interactions are the key. While small businesses are looking for constant feedback to help change their entrepreneurship model, big business too look for revamping their business model to keep up with the growing workforce. Coworking space mumbai fit right and suit the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs and remote works as it serves as a platform to exchange ideas and build a new vision.


Coworking space mumbai are built on the culture of enabling collaboration, which will further help people network better. If you are still clueless about why coworking spaces in Mumbai is great for growing your business, then we help you decide.

Flexibility and expansion

Does your current business have your team sit next to the door, the stairway or even the floor? Then it seems like you work in a cramped office space. But, here’s the good news. It’s easy to scale up and move into a new office space to suit your growing team. Workafella offers custom built office spaces that accommodates a team of any size within a short span of time.

Many a times, it is beneficial for business owners to opt for coworking spaces which offer a wide range of services. Workafella believes that business owners can focus on growing their business while, the coworking company takes care of the rest. Business owners can even make use of a coworking space for their expansion. All you need to do is move into a coworking space in any preferred location while the company takes care of the office services required for the business. Coworking space Mumbai helps these swiftly-growing organizations save on one of their most important resources – time!

Save on Costs

Coworking space Mumbai provide a cost-effective way for working in an office space. The cost of renting a coworking office space is much less than compared to a traditional office, especially if you’re looking to find an office in a city of Mumbai. And unlike rental agreements which are expensive and often come with a conditions apply note, the partnership terms for Workafella’s coworking space are transparent. And because of that, the rates are fixed. Which means you don’t have to worry about overhead costs. Even amenities like unlimited tea and coffee, access to prayer rooms, on-call doctors- are all taken care of by the coworking  space company.

For a conventional office set up, a business owner needs to pay for the office furniture, lease amount, office equipment along with other necessary requirements. However, in a co-working space a business owner doesn’t have to worry about it. From offering affordable office space rents to providing unmatched IT infrastructure – Workafella provides the best. What’s more? Imagine having the luxury of working in a sophisticated office space, while your business thrives!

Room to Grow

The presence of meeting rooms, pantry, and other informal spaces, people are able to choose how they wish to work.  So, if you feel like you want to move away from your workstation for a while, you can opt to use other spaces in the office. If you have a meeting with a client or your team, make use of the exclusive meeting room. This gives the workforce a sense of freedom which inherently aims at better productivity and innovation. Apart from this, a coworking space Mumbai also offers training and mentoring by teaming up with other organizations.


You probably don’t want to work all-day long without communication with your team or anyone outside of it. That’s why coworking space Mumbai are a great space to collaborate and innovate. Be it discussing with your team about efficiently working on tasks or just meet other new business owners in your coworking space – these office centres offer endless opportunities to network.  All you need to do is to unwind at social hubs in a coworking space and network with live-minded people. This means you are surrounded by potential clients, mentors, highly-goal oriented individuals who you can connect with when you have a project in line. It’s also a great chance to reach out to them for a time-sensitive tasks.

End-to-End office Solutions

Does juggling with your business, employee needs and operational tasks sound easy to you? We’re sure it isn’t! That’s why Workafella offers end-to-end office solutions to its members. The coworking space Mumbai offers 24/7 access and AC, unmatched IT infrastructure, Wi-Fi, food court, security, unlimited tea and coffee, a concierge desk, utility bills which includes electricity, water and building maintenance and shower cubicles. This makes Workafella the perfect choice. If you are a business owner with a medium or large team you can choose from Workafella’s range of Office Types

You can move into our ready-to-move in full-furnished office spaces which is dedicated to a team of any size. The office is inclusive of in-house logistics. The company also gets access Workafella events, lifestyle benefits, meeting rooms and social hub. If you are looking to have an office space which matches with the personality of your company then you can have custom built spaces. Our talented architects and interior designers who have a sense of style and detail will design your office which matches your goal.

Having the perfect work-life-balance

As much as the workforce tries to hustle work and personal life, it’s often difficult to find space to relax. Working in stressful jobs for long hours may tend to burn you out, cause high-level of stress and even make you anxious. This is why Workafella’s coworking space Mumbai offer a host of activities which are held weekly and monthly. Be it yoga classes, meals at the office, medical check-ups – coworking spaces offer different activities for members to unwind.

The potential upside of having your business grow at a coworking space is that it can give you an edge to succeed. From the physical space, a list of amenities and other social benefits one gets to connect with creative and like-minded professionals. These benefits may be great for you to grow your business.




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