Coworking Helps Beat The Workplace Blues – Here’s How!


Working remotely holds multiple benefits: flexible hours, zero commutes, and complete authority over the way you work, to cite a few. For starters, when you’re first thinking of the idea of going remote, it’s easy to relish the fact that you don’t have to compulsorily come into office and neither be around the people you don’t like.

However, it’s common for anyone who’s started freelancing or working remotely to recognize that creeping feeling of isolation and loneliness. Likewise, it’s common to begin wanting companionship when you’re restricted to your home office alone all day.

This is where coworking rises to the forefront. Coworking spaces involve sharing the same space to work with other people who aren’t necessarily your colleagues. Instead, you can expand your work horizons by working alongside fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and other remote independent workers – all working on diverse projects for different companies but sharing a common workspace.

You aren’t simply renting a furnished office space but instead immersing yourself in the intangible experience of being in a community. Socializing isn’t discouraged while you still get to keep your privacy intact. You can work the way you wish.

Here’s how Coworking Spaces can help you Beat The Workplace Blues –

  1. Being Part Of Something Greater

Human beings are naturally social beings. We are at our best when we feel like part of a larger group. While working remotely meets our independent urge to make our own decisions, it fails to satisfy our inner need to connect with others.

Coworking is undoubtedly the best of both! Along with the independence and autonomy of remote working, you can still enjoy the feeling of social connection. Your feelings of isolation are kept at bay while you still use your social skills to favour your career. Win-win, we say!

  1. Enthusiastic Work Ambience

In a coworking, environment you’re very unlikely to people who prefer working and conducting themselves according to the conventional norms. Conventional offices are usually frequented by people who may be uninspired by their surroundings, which readily translates into the lack of camaraderie expected in a modern office.

One of the benefits of a coworking space is that you work alongside optimistic, dynamic personalities who believe in change, innovation and the future of work without any of the conventionalism. Enjoy working at your own pace, work timings, work style and even enjoy setting a solid work-life balance.

  1. Meet And Entertain Clients

One of the challenges that come up frequently with work from home is not having a designated professional space to meet clientele or conduct meetings. Sure, we can conduct these meetings at other places outside the house to change it up. Still, something about a designated office space proffers a feeling of legitimacy and professionalism that goes into retaining clientele.

This is why so many freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers end up renting an office in coworking spaces. You get complimentary access to meeting areas and conference rooms that you can use to host your clients in case of a meeting or even internally for an employee meeting. Make sure to take up this special bonus!

  1. Network And Professional Socializing

While in school and as kids, we tend to make friends in school. As adults, we fulfil our social needs by meeting new people, aka our colleagues at work. Unfortunately, research says most remote workers find themselves short on social needs. It’s not because they’re unpleasant or don’t want connections, but solely because they don’t have enough opportunities to communicate with others in the world.

You won’t just make new friends in a coworking space, but you can form valuable business connections. Networking is an essential component of any business and coworking provides you access to many opportunities to make valuable business connections.


Bottom Line

It’s commendable to have won independence and autonomy, leaving behind the conventional nine to five work world to pursue your business. However, don’t miss out on the sense of community that an office can provide and its importance in helping build connections. Remember, we’re social individuals, not accustomed to spending eight-hour workdays alone.

Our fully furnished offices for rent at Workafella provide the perfect enterprising atmosphere that is conducive to growth as well as to forge deep social bonds. Book a tour of our today!

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