Why Corporates Are Moving To Serviced Office Spaces

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In today’s ever-evolving and competitive global marketplace three components help in driving a business. They are time, money and effort. Serviced offices, which are flexible, cost-effective and a suitable alternative to the conventional office, represents a way to optimise all these three elements simultaneously.

Serviced offices are steadily perceived as a mainstream occupancy option that can be considered by all industries – specifically corporates. The serviced office industry has become a sought-after segment within commercial office space, growing at an annual rate of 73 per cent globally.

Research by a real estate firm, suggests that global corporates intend to operate increasingly from serviced office spaces, as this offers the freedom to expand according to market conditions. The research also revealed that the process of becoming operational faster was the primary reason for selecting a serviced office space ahead of conventional office space.

Here are more reasons as to why so many corporates are turning to serviced office spaces.

No downtime while moving in 

When corporates move to an office, there is downtime to set it up. This may significantly hinder the flow of business. Today’s fast-paced digitalized business environment demands commencement of work quickly. In comparison to the conventional office, Workafella serviced office space shines brighter. It is already set up and ready-to-use. 24/7 AC, access, high-end IT infrastructure, housekeeping, pantry services are available and operational the second the company moves in. Companies don’t have to waste downtime waiting for internet connection or to set up new office equipment. Further the utility cost and maintenance are taken care of.

The chance to test new markets

Split testing is one of the key ways to find out which marketing method will be the most beneficial for your business. With a serviced office, corporates can opt to work in different locations without a long-term investment in an office. Moving into a fully-serviced office space means the corporate can test results in the location at minimal risk, and then base final decision on concrete results.

Decentralize with ease

Traditional offices have become increasingly expensive in key business districts in major cities, and companies looking to have a presence in these areas, have to shell out a hefty price for this. Serviced offices negate this concern. Companies can work from key business districts at an affordable price. They can also decentralize their teams, as serviced offices are usually located in different locations across cities. This all-access workspace pass allows companies to choose locations based on projects closer to the client’s location or as per employee convenience.

Flexibility first

A corporate and its workforce can have more than one choice when it comes to opting for a serviced office setting. People can decide whether they want to spend the entire day to work on an impending deadline, or if they want to pull an all-nighter. They can choose to work in their designated workstations or spend time ideating in a meeting room. Companies can also choose to schedule the work timings of their employees in shifts. This autonomy enables an optimal degree of control which acts as a motivating factor for the employee.

Built-in facilities and great rental benefits

Be it workstations, reception areas, meeting rooms, cleaning or maintenance, pantry, corporates can move into a serviced office space that has ready built-in facilities. These facilities provide a modern and trendy look, an aspect that corporates usually look for.

Unlike rental agreements which are expensive and often come with conditions apply note, the pricing is transparent for a serviced office space. Since the rent is already fixed, corporates don’t have to worry about overhead costs. Moreover, serviced office spaces take the hassle out of office management, simplify costs and often come complete with an array of desirable facilities.

Easy customization

Higher demand for a more private, progressive workspace has prepared serviced office providers to offer the customizable office to clients. Serviced offices are available at customized duration with renewable agreements. These spaces provide flexible, workspaces that suit the needs of the corporate, without them being tied down to long-term contracts. For instance, if a corporate lands a new project, and this requires them to extend their contract with the space provider they can easily to do. Corporates can continue working in the same office space without having to take up the herculean effort of realigning or finding a new space.

Relying on experts

In today’s competitive world where credibility plays a huge role, companies are opting to choose service providers who are experts in their industry. These experts don’t just offer spaces but they offer the best of facilities, products, services, infrastructure and the experience. With an expert office space provider a corporate also gets flexible lease terms, absence of capital expenditure, contemporary office ecosystem, lower deposit requirements, and help in overall cost reduction in case of the corporate’s cash flow.

Workafella, the award-winning brand provides end-to-end office solutions including an interesting gamut of services, like round-the-cloud IT service, high-speed internet, security and dedicated medical expert on-call. Ergonomic furniture, well-lit spaces, vibrant interiors, spacious workspaces, tech-enabled workspaces are some of the distinct elements we’ve incorporated at Workafella. The spaces are designed for the young, vibrant and ever-evolving Indian workforce.

Several giants are choosing to have teams to work at serviced offices which create a work culture that’s conducive for growth. Being a home-grown brand, Workafella understands this. Move in and move up, at Workafella, a hub of smart minds.

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