Why SMEs and Start-ups are choosing to move to Workafella’s Coworking space Chennai

Are you running a passionate business that doubles as a start-up? Do you find working from your dining table a bit too inconvenient to carry out tasks? Unhappy with the internet services at coffee shops? Then, it’s time you move to a coworking space! If you are someone who owns an SME and operates from a close and cramped space, then you too should move out of your office space and work at a coworking space. Why choose anything else, if you can choose an award-winning coworking brand to work from. Workafella coworking space  Chennai best suits start up and SMEs. Here are some benefits of moving the coworking space.

Cost effective

Imagine a space that is already set up, modern, luxurious, visually appealing, its maintenance cost covered, with the same look and feel as any large corporate office or Tech park? Sounds like perfect workspace isn’t it? Workafella’s Chennai centre is the workspace we are talking about. It is designed to be adaptable to the needs of freelancers, small businesses, start-ups and even large corporates. SMEs, growing start-ups can rent out Workafella’s private office space  which can support a growing team. Workafella’s space is flexible for a team of any size.

Coworking space chennai  typically work on a leasing model where large, small or an individual can rent out workstations on small to long-term basis. You can enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet, 24/7 AC, maintenance and more! All you need to do is arm yourself with a laptop to work, while Workafella takes care of the rest.

Employee Benefits and Satisfaction

Work can take a major chunk of our lives. Very often, the workforce neglect or pay less attention to their personal lives. With Workafella’s amenities and lifestyle benefits, start-ups and SMEs can maintain the work-life balance. Workafella offers a social hub, gym, crèche along with a range of services including on-call doctors, runner boys, mini fridges, shower cubicles, Wi-Fi, Security, food court, unlimited coffee and tea, Concierge desk, Utility bills (electricity, water, building maintenance), and even valet parking services. Crèche, gym, cabs, hotels, laundry services etc., all of which truly enables them to try and achieve a work-life-balance.


Customized Services and Collaboration 


Today, the ever evolving Indian economy, it’s not hard to imagine that start-ups and SMEs will grow too. This is why Workafella’s coworking space chennai  is designed to suit a team of any size. As a hub of smart minds, it’s easier to collaborate and find new talent. The concentration of many different companies under one roof, combined with an emphasis on professional networking, leads to promising business relationships. A combination of the two factors make co-working spaces a hotbeds for innovation and collaboration.

Wide Range of Office Types

You can pick options from custom Built Spaces, Private office, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk and Virtual Offices. Our sophisticated office spaces are dedicated to teams of any size. This is inclusive of in-house logistics, along with access to Workafella events, lifestyle benefits, meeting rooms and social hub. You can also choose from our virtual office space. Maintain a prestigious office address, while you work from any location at any time.

Immerse yourself with top-notch amenities, at our Coworking space Teynampet Hi-Street and a whole load of caffeine. It is located right

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