Are you prepared for the future of work culture?

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Are you prepared for the future of work culture?

The internet has broken down our day to day life to the simplest form. From groceries, clothes, accessories to food and travel and shelter, our lives have become quick and simple with one single click.

The trend is now shifting onto our day to day work culture as well, unlike the previous times, we don’t need to spend out money and effort for something we are not effectively using. Booking workspaces is as simple as booking any other utility or logistics. Coworking is here to ease out the entire process for you, it is simply said that you can save from 20% – 25% overall cost saving and around 5% – 15% per seat cost by just coworking.

Modern employees own aggressive growth seeking startups which require a dynamic work culture i.e, the newer generations like the millennials and gen z’s expect a more conductive and a collaborative workspace. With the creativity growing from interesting job titles to job roles, the work culture is growing rapidly. It is an understood fact that the millennials are the driving factor of today’s workforce with a profound effect on all aspects of work.

With the rise of small and medium enterprises,` we know that about 72% of the CEO’s are less than 35 years old, prefer Coworking space  rather than the traditional spaces. About 13 million people are expected to co-work by the end of 2020. According to JLL’s statistics, the coworking sector in India made $400 million investment for coworking by both branded, small and mid-sized companies.

It is an established fact that the millennials already dominating the industry, by 2025, 42% of Indians will be working out of urban centers.

The question is, are you prepared for the future of work culture?

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