Are You A Freelancer? This Is Why You Need A Coworking Space Over Home And Coffee Shops!

Are You A Freelancer?

The Freelance Economy, otherwise popularly known as the Gig Economy, is a far more specified sector than we would like to believe, as per a Boston Consulting Group study. As a freelancer, gig work represents a path to more meaningful work, greater flexibility and added autonomy.

For many, it’s a brilliant thought not to have an office to work in. It directly translates to dealing with less traffic, planning, and distractions! You get freedom, work on what you want, when you want and even where you want!

However, there is danger in substituting your home – the place where you relax with your loved ones – as the place you work out of. Many don’t even have dedicated office spaces or realistically cannot afford to. A home is where you fall asleep on the couch without a second thought in the middle of your latest series craze, the place where you switch off your brain and regroup. Is it a good idea to make it your office space too?

As enticing as working in pyjamas sound, here are 6 reasons why a constructive and efficient working space in collaborative environments rocks!

A change for the future, enter Coworking spaces.

1. It’s All About The Money

Monthly rates to rent a seat in coworking spaces tend to start at pretty cheap rates. Although they can range up to more expensive packages, they’re still significantly less expensive than renting your own office space, hauling in all your equipment, and paying the bills.

2. Engage In A Community Of Digital Nomads

The community dynamics of the coworking experience is often hailed as its most significant advantage. For most freelancers, working from home can prove to be a lonely experience, and the lack of human connection, unlike working in traditional offices leaves a considerable gap to fill.

Not only do bustling coworking spaces help bring like-minded people together, but it also presents a great place to network. Imagine you specialize in finance. You share a coworking space with someone who works in legal services; this could lead to exciting new insights into the industry and perhaps even new clients.

3. Take Advantage of Those Coworking Amenities

Most offices are equipped with plenty of amenities and services that you, as a freelancer, may not have the budget or space to provide for yourself. These facilities range from the business-grade internet, printers, and projectors, to meeting rooms, presentation spaces, and of course, the unlimited snacks.

Coworking spaces also engage their community in frequent events such as art classes, professional talks by industry experts, or yoga sessions; not something you get in your home office.

4. Working Among Others is Both Motivating and Challenging

Procrastination is a real struggle many freelancers battle with every day. But watching other people around you working diligently in a shared office space can be motivating, especially if you get distracted easily and end up tending to different things at home. But watch out for the temptation to spend too much time making new friends!

People working from coworking spaces claim that sharing ideas and skills with others is one of the most significant working advantages. You might get tips as varied as creative design recommendations to keyboard shortcuts.

5. Commuting: Best or Worst Part of The Day?

Many of us worry that our job has us sitting down for the majority time throughout the day. Commuting to a coworking office is a rather welcome opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise and even help clear your head.

Many freelancers also confess that working from home makes it hard to separate personal and work arenas -meaning there is always a tendency to get distracted from work with household tasks. On the contrary, they may also find it hard to stop thinking about work at the end of the day.

When faced with this dilemma, it’s ideal to have separate work and home spaces.

6. Feel Inspired and Productive at Work

Coworking spaces are no doubt stunning locations to work from. A quick browse on the internet shows that these offices are beautifully designed, inspiring workspaces that drive productivity. We all know that feeling of what it would feel like to work in an attractive, organized environment— truly challenging to achieve at home.

There is a myriad of pros and cons to using coworking spaces or your home office. In the end, it boils down to your working style and what’s right for you.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our options of hot desks and dedicated desks at our award-winning coworking spaces in Hyderabad – get a feel of what collaborative working space is all about. Feel free to book a tour today!

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