Advancement through Automation at Workafella

Workspace Automation at Workafella

In today’s digital age, office automation systems offer an array of benefits for businesses. Powerful office automation tools and systems reduce manual effort as well. Additionally, these tools help businesses spot bottlenecks easily. At its core, automation is about implementing a system to complete repetitive and easily replicated tasks.

In these times, there is a need to embrace automation effectively in a way businesses and employees feel safe. The future of workspace is all about health, safety and security of the community. At Workafella, we’ve realigned our workspace to accommodate the best in automation, especially enabled for you.

We’ve integrated the best-in-class automated services for your safety through:

Infrared Thermal scanner

The entrance is a checkpoint to monitor the health of our guests and community members. Here, they will undergo a contactless temperature check. If an individual has a body temperature above normal, he/she will be restricted to enter the centre.

Automatic touch-free sanitizer

In our continued efforts to minimize contact points, we have installed automatic hands-free sanitizers across the workspace – Keep your hands clean all day!

Facial Recognition

A non-contact biometric attendance is done at our centres through the facial recognition-based system. It uses the existing biometric form to register attendance through the device’s camera which is enabled with facial recognition technology.


We’ve minimized the exposure of touching surfaces, such as door handles and touch-sensitive regions, by introducing ’Hands-Off’ your very own PPE.

Foot-operated drinking water dispenser

The inclusion of touchless drinking water dispenser eliminates the need to touch the device. The automated device is aimed at reducing water waste as well.

Food Vending Machine

The food vending machine offers fresh and hot food – with minimal human intervention. Our community members will have varied choice of options where members can select their preferred food as per their convenience.

Touchless Sensor Taps

The use of touch-free sensor taps removes the need to touch the tap and physically operate it.

Automation saves time and allows employees to focus on work. Increased efficiency, productivity and good well-being all translate to healthier profit margins for businesses. At Workafella, you will work in a safe, secure and tech-enabled ecosystem. Empower your business at Workafella. Think Workspace? Workafella it.

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