About Us

Workafella, a brand from Workenstein, creates workspaces for the evolving economy, for the daring thinkers and unstoppable doers who give shape to dreams.

With the flexibility that nimble companies need in today’s dynamic business world, the cost effective solutions that fit everyone’s budget, and above all, the positive and energising environment that nurtures bright ideas and promotes rapid growth, Workafella simply works for you.

We have thought all the details through for you, and made sure that every support system is in place, so you are ready, set and going from day one. Communications, security and privacy, housekeeping, cafeteria are all ready and waiting for you, so you can focus on your business.

Workafella is much more than just workspace, it’s a high energy zone designed to promote collaborations and make connections happen. We aim to make it a busy crossroads of ideas and trends, where exciting events and meaningful interactions add value to your business.

Workfella is meant to be an address that will help you reach your goals faster. Move in, and move up.