4 Famous Myths About Coworking Space

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Co-working is a booming culture. It’s here to stay. There’s a lot of buzz going around about coworking space and we are here to declutter and debunk them for you.

Coworking is for hipsters and start-ups

The idea of young minds frequenting coworking space to talk about ecology and eat organic food is something that most of us come across. But it is much more than that. While most of the coworking spaces started out for freelances and self-employed, the trend is growing bigger to attract major players of the fortune companies.

You will find a whole new world of opportunities there.

Coworking is noisy and fit for extroverts only

Although most of the coworking spaces are quite buzzing and social, you can always find your peace or a corner for yourself.

Coworking has plenty of types and will flex according to what you require for your business. Although socializing is a common trait of such places, there’s more of professional networking than hustle. There’s no successful business without networking, coworking spaces are the BEST and the easiest way of finding connections from various industries.

Coworking is expensive

There’s nothing more pocket-friendly like a coworking space. What you need is what you pay for and that’s the best part of this culture. Whether you want a single desk or a private office space, whether you want it for hours/days/weeks/months or years, there are plans that will flex to your needs. You can also subscribe to places as and when you require.

The bonus here is, you might have to buy a coffee to sit and work long hours in a café. But guess what? Most of the coworking space offer you free tea/coffee and refreshments. Unlike traditional office spaces, some coworking offices are accessible 24/7.

Coworking is like renting an office space

Well, technically speaking, yes this is literally like renting an office space only that coworking is way better than you think! You can add on and reduce as your company expands. Every coworking is an all-inclusive place, one bill with multiple services like IT, maintenance, housekeeping, WiFi and many more. No more hassle of individually finding vendors and extended support, this is a complete business ecosystem.

You also get the benefit of networking in your own office. Be it events, be it any industry, like-minded people and your business prospects are handy for collaborations and partnership.

Workafella, an all-inclusive workspace offers you just what you require. Do you find coworking space noisy? We have a solution for you, pick our private office. Do you find coworking expensive? We are super pocket-friendly and we offer you a wide range of amenities. Yes, our coworking spaces will flex for you. We are not just a coworking, we are a culture and we are expanding. Next time you think twice before getting into a coworking space, glean on this article. It’ll help debunk all the myths you might possibly encounter during decision-making.

Co-working culture is not going to fade away, it’s here to stay.

Think workspace? Workafella it.

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